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We live in the age of digitisation and automation, which is why the need to advance with technology and training is becoming more and more essential. BIM is increasingly a winning methodology that guides the construction world towards sustainable design, construction and maintenance, free of errors and unnecessary costs. Existing technology is advancing at a supersonic pace, and to be able to make the most of it, the way forward is to take advantage of the experience of experts who feed on continuous knowledge, applied to the AECO world. Our service offering is primarily aimed at Engineering and Architecture Companies, Construction Companies, Public Administration and Property Managers.


With rapidly developing new technologies, new roles and tasks arise, which increasingly lead to an internal difficulty in managing resources. Difficulty that stems from the impossibility of constantly training while simultaneously pursuing corporate objectives. BIM Outsourcing Group makes resources available to Engineering and Architecture Companies that, thanks to the trust placed in them, expand the internal team.


BIM Outsourcing Group has long standing experience in the construction phase of a project. The Project Manager, together with the Cost/Project Control and Job Planner, have an extreme need for innovative and integrated tools. Our background is put at the disposal of Contractors and General Contractors, to be able to implement a WBS that easily allows for deviation analysis and constant monitoring of job performance indicators, thanks to the application of EVA. BIM will allow efficient GANTT, easily simulating the construction site in the 4D dimension, and an automation in terms of costs (5D) forecasts and statements by controlling revenue margins.


Starting with Public Administration, i.e. the largest stakeholder in BIM, there is a need to keep orders and construction sites under control, starting with the Information Specifications and ending with the control of the order. In our experience you will find support for Project Managers and RUPs, who are responsible for the progress of the job order. With your trust and the most advanced tools, we can prove to you, as we have done so far, that with BIM, project goals are guaranteed. The Digital Transition is today an indispensable obligation more than ever. (professional and ecological).


The digital transformation of the Real Estate supply chain, in Italy and worldwide, is constantly evolving. This transformation, accompanied by a major innovation process, is often referred to as 'PROPTECH'. These new business models are revolutionising the Real Estate sector, optimising processes and maintenance operations, moving from a digital and innovative flow to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. BIM Outsourcing Group offers you the experience of industry professionals and the know-how of researchers of increasingly advanced and complex technologies, such as the Digital Twin.

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